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Radiant Technology was founded in 2010. It was originally known as Belite Electronics and was part of a larger company that manufactured ultralight aircraft. In 2015 Radiant Technology was born with a focus on avionics for ultralight, experimental, and light sport aircraft. After a fire ended most business activities in 2019 and after the Covid pandemic, RADIANT is starting anew. RADIANT Technology is focused on providing products which “Empower Adventure” for all who enjoy and use aviation: pilots, passengers, radio listeners and every adventurer at heart. 

Pilot adventure

Avionics for Adventure Pilots

Radiant Technology offers an array of products that empower adventure in flight, in hiking and camping, and in other areas where the human spirit seeks to explore and expand.

Our lightweight and sophisticated avionics are designed for adventure flying in the light sport, experimental, and ultralight categories.

Our growing array of products are tailored for people like us, who love the world of flying.

Everyone enjoys flying
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