Upgraded February 2023

With fuel management issues continuing to plague pilot decision making, Radiant Technology introduces Bingo4, a small sender device that fits on the outside of the tank and easily shows the presence of absence of liquid in a tank.

Bingo4 mounts on the outside of many different kinds of tanks. It uses ultrasonic technology to indicate the presence of liquid at the point of attachment. It’s the perfect instrument to indicate critical level information of the fluid inside a tank. The sender includes a flashing status LED, best for pilots who can see the tank and sender installation.

The upgraded Bingo4 now features dual LED indicators on the sensor puck and also on the panel.  The LEDs provide a continuous indication of liquid presence with a green LED. Absence illuminates a red LED.  Installation is easier — epoxy the puck to the tank, attach power, attach indicator LEDs — done!  The unit also outputs logic compatible indications, which might be useful for integration into an EFIS.

Bingo Installation Diagram

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