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Purchase any Radiant Product, Receive a FREE AirLite GPS

AirLite GPS - Miniature GPS with Big Capabilities


This incredibly small GPS receiver provides lots of useful information for Adventurers and Pilots.


It’s small enough  to hold in a person’s hand or become a part of a keychain (just over 2.5″ x 2″ and 1.4 oz.) and always works, even when the cell network is down (or the phone is forgotten.)

During the month of April, if you purchase any RADIANT product, you will receive an AirLite GPS ($80 value), without charge, shipped directly from us. (Domestic addresses only).


It's easy. Order any RADIANT instrument from us or from Aircraft Spruce by April 30, 2024. If you order from us, you'll automatically receive an AirLite GPS with your shipment. If you order from Aircraft Spruce, email a copy of your invoice to by May 31, 2024.

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