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USB-C/A Dual Charging Port

USB-C/A Dual Charging Port


Our USB-C/A features dual ports and charge rates up to 3.0 amps, the attractive product is easy to install and perfect for use in any experimental or ultralight aircraft.


Radiant has a long history of supplying exceptional USB chargers for aircraft. With hundreds sold and no complaints or returns, this product continues our tradition of exceptional value and engineering.



  • Product Features

    USB-C and USB-A ports

    • Low emitted radiation for compatibility with your radio system.
    • 3.0 amps and 2.4 amps charging capability
    • 9 to 16 volt operation, up to 3.8 amp draw
    • Halo lighting around each port
    • Over voltage, over current and reverse battery detection
    • ESD and short circuit detection
    • -40 to +85C operation
    • Automotive grade connectors
    • 10000 insertion cycle life
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