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GEN-2 Universal Airspeed Indicator

GEN-2 Universal Airspeed Indicator


The GEN-2 Universal Airspeed Indicator features digital enhancements and is an exciting upgrade from previous RADIANT ASI instruments. The instrument includes an external temperature probe that allows additional readings for Outside Air Temperature (OAT) and Density Altitude.

It also provides the ability to see speed trends, a huge digital display, and user selectable units of 100, 160, and 200 with either knots or MPH.



  • Product Features

    • External Temperature
    • True Airspeed
    • Celsius or Fahrenheit display
    • Easy Installation (add power, ground, that’s all that’s needed) (Airspeed units require “Tee” into existing pitot line)
    • Install into standard 2 1/4 or 3 1/8 inch panel instrumen thole (using optional adapter ring for 3 1/8)
    • Max Scale, you pick, 100 or 200
    • Knots vs MPH, you pick
    • Custom Green Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Custom Yellow Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Custom Red Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Calibratable Temperature Probe
  • Technical Details

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