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CO Pro CO Detector + G-Meter

CO Pro CO Detector + G-Meter


It fits in your hand and warns you when there is excessive carbon monoxide present. It also offers the pilot a G-Meter with a graph representation of gravity impact.



  • Product Features

    CO Pro™ is a new generation product in Radiant Technology’sSupporting Pilot Safety in Detecting an Odorless Menace robust line of avionic and sensor tech instruments. CO Pro™ is a Carbon Monoxide detector and G-Meter all in one. Designed for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, the portable detector features two primary interfaces­–one with continuous CO graphing capability and the other showing a G Meter (which also shows CO levels in background). The G Meter needle has a persistence feature as well, showing the range of G values the unit has experienced. The unit has an audible alarm and is battery powered up to five hours on a single charge (rechargeable with USB) and over 10 hours when the screen is dimmed.

    CO Pro™ updates Radiant’s carbon monoxide safety product line with brilliant new features. The ability to see CO levels trend over time provides better information than old fashioned, static display digital monitors. This increases pilot and passenger comfort and also helps to determine what might have happened. For instance, a change in engine noise associated with an observable graph rise in CO levels might be associated with a new crack in an exhaust system.

  • See the Changes in CO Levels

    The seminal feature of CO Pro™ is the Carbon Monoxide graphing feature which allows pilots to see the current CO level, all calibrated and displayed in accordance with FAA recommendations. As a result, any change in CO level is seen as a change on the graph along with a change in the digital value of CO. A flashing trend alert arrow, an aural alarm which triggers at 41 PPM, and danger icon that turns red at 100 PPM, completes the set of CO indications (graph showing history of CO levels, digital CO value, warning indicators, and aural alarm).  The FAA recommends a yellow alert at 21PPM, and a red alert at 41PPM. This product is engineered to match those values with color indications on the graph and in the digital values.

    G-Meter is also included which shows up to +/- 6 g’s in a familiar dial format, along with digitally presented minimum, maximum, and needle trend (persistence) history.

    The design philosophy behind adding a G-Meter is that many pilots want a G-Meter, but few have one. The G-Meter may be thought of as a ‘screen saver’ for the primary CO monitoring feature. When in G-Meter mode, digital CO values are always displayed, and the product will automatically revert to CO graphing and alarming if CO values rise above 40 PPM

  • Technical Details

    • CO Sensor display 0 to 100 PPM (FAA recommends RED alert @ 41PPM)
    • Predicted 10 years CO sensor life (per sensor company supplied documentation)
    • CO value presented in graph and digital format (showing current and maximum values)
    • Optional ‘Holster’ is available which allows panel mounting in any 3 1/8” hole. As the unit has a self contained battery, wiring into the aircraft is not required.
    • Aural loud alarm when CO level is over trigger value
    • Trend alert arrow flashes, revealing increasing CO levels.
    • Red danger icon appears as danger increases
    • Digital readouts turn red at 41 PPM. If using G-Meter, screen switches to CO mode automatically.
    • G-Meter in dial and digital form
    • Continuous G, Minimum G, Maximum G
    • G Needle Trend (persistence)
    • Battery Operated; rechargeable via USB (cable included)
    • Brilliant color LCD screen
    • Size of 0.75” x 2 5/16” x 2 7/8” (19 x 59 x 73mm)
    • Weight of 2.1 ounces (60 grams)
    • Screen measurement of 2.5 inches diagonal (63.5mm)
    • Lithium battery, 500mah capacity
    • Runtime of about 5 hours per charge on bright, 10+ hours on dim
    • USB charging port, with included USB charging cable (charger not included, attach to any port)
    • Daylight readable screen
    • On / off switch
    • Operating temperature of -20 to +45 C
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