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GEN-2 G-Meter

GEN-2 G-Meter


Inexpensive device includes G tracking and classic needle features.



  • Product Features

    See what the Aircraft and its Occupants are Experiencing

    A G-Meter is an important instrument in many aircraft, providing pilots with important information about the forces acting on their aircraft. It contributes to flight safety, training, aerobatics, and specialized aviation activities where precise measurement of G-forces is useful.

    Many pilots want a G-Meter, but few have one. Competitive units are expensive.

    RADIANT Technology introduces a new GEN2 G Meter, which is portable and inexpensive. It shows up to +/- 8 Gs in a familiar dial format, along with digitally presented minimum, maximum, and needle trend (persistence) history.

    It includes a graphing function, which displays Gs over time using a color-coded scale. This makes it easy and fun to see what the aircraft and occupants are experiencing and also helps student pilots understand acceleration during turns.

    The device may be attached with Velcro to the panel of any airplane (Velcro is included). 

    “A visualization of G force is useful and fun for any pilot, but is especially valuable for student pilots,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant. “We did a market survey of various competitive products and could not find any with graphing and needle modes, especially at a reasonable price. Because this product is self-powered and attached using Velcro (or an optional holster), it can be used in any aircraft. I think users will love and use this product.”

  • Technical Details

    • +8 to -8G range
    • Current, minimum and maximum values always displayed
    • Graphing mode and classic needle
    • Audible alarm
    • Users may set color coding levels (EG: +4.0 / -2.0 for Red)
    • Dimmable screen
    • USB rechargeable battery (cable included)
    • Operates for 5 hours on a single charge
    • Weight is 2 ounces (57 grams)
    • Portable
  • How To Use

    Usage is very simple. Mount on a vertical surface. Turn on; the unit will display current, minimum and maximum G’s. Pressing the “next” button switches between graphing mode and needle mode. The needle and the graphing mode are color-coded and will change to red at +4 or -2 G’s. An aural alarm also sounds, which may be muted by briefly pressing the speaker button.

    The battery works for five hours and is USB rechargeable, with cable included.

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