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GEN-2 Multi-Function (ASI/VSI/ALTIMETER)

GEN-2 Multi-Function (ASI/VSI/ALTIMETER)


The GEN-2 Universal Multi-Function Instrument features Airspeed, adjustable Altimeter, True Airspeed. The instrument also provides readings for Outside Air Temperature (OAT) and Density Altitude with a brilliant and clear, deep black, high-contrast display.



  • Product Features

    The GEN-2 line of Radiant Technology instruments stepped up RADIANT Technology's offering to the light aircraft instrumentation. GEN-2 brings pilots familiar representations of common flight instruments and significant digital enhancements, including True Airspeed, Density Altitude, VSI, temperature, and more.

    The GEN-2 Multi-Function Instrument benefits from these advancements and offers an exciting upgrade for previous customers and an excellent addition for new customers. Excellent as a primary instrument or as a backup.

  • Technical Details

    • Altimeter with Standard Dial and Digital Value, up to 20K feet
    • Airspeed with Standard Dial and Digital Value, Knots or MPH
    • Digital VSI to +/- 1999 FPM
    • External Temperature Probe included
    • Built-in Airspeed Computer provides True Airspeed
    • Density Altitude display
    • Celsius or Fahrenheit display, you pick
    • Easy Installation (add power, ground, connect pitot and static source via barbed tubing adapters)
    • Install into standard instrument hole
    • ASI Scale, you pick: 100 or 200
    • Knots vs MPH, you pick
    • Green Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Yellow Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Red Airspeed Range, set it to what you want
    • Altimeter may be recalibrated in 10 foot increments
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