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Get More for Less for Your Cockpit

Radiant moves avionics into the digital era, bringing more precise measurement and packing even more critical information in the smallest design possible. Instruments weigh as little as 1/2 ounce (15 grams), and a full panel can weigh substantially less than one pound. Several instruments even allow dual functions. Installation is straightforward, and instruments fit easily into panels of light sport, experimental, homebuilt and ultralight aircraft. 


Radiant Instruments utilize state-of-the art sensors combined with sophisticated electronics to provide exact and dependable measurements for pilots. With thousands of instruments sold, we are proud of our safety track record and positive reputation in the aviation community.

Brilliant Display

Based on daylight readable LEDs, the display is easily and comfortably read in direct sunlight. The display is also dimmable.

Pilots love to fly
Man Preparing to Fly a Plane
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