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Proving Sensitivity of SCARP

Today I created a quick demonstration video of the sensitivity of SCARP using a moderate signal. I then step the signal strength down three times. The signal starts at -84.5 dBm, and the signal ends at -114.5 dBm, which is equivalent to 0.42 microvolts. Admittedly, it's hard to hear and scratchy at that very low power.

The FAA calls for a minimum sensitivity of 10 microvolts with 6 db of signal-to-noise ratio on the audio. While the last demonstration at 0.42 microvolts clearly doesn't hit that mark for s/n ratio, I believe the other examples at 84.5, 94.5, and 104.5 dBm clearly show it.  They are 13 microvolts, 4.2 microvolts, and 1.33 microvolts, respectively.

Summary: SCARP exceeds the reception sensitivity of the FAA DO-186b MOPS standard for VHF aircraft communication equipment. It does this by a wide margin. 10 microvolts is required and 1.33 microvolts was demonstrated. 0.42 microvolts still produces readable audio.

If you like SCARP and the technical work I am demonstrating, please share it with a friend! You are our best sales department. We need your help.

Here's the video:

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