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Testing our new Combo Altimeter / VSI

I wanted to create an Altimeter / VSI instrument which would work great and be inexpensive. What could I do to make it stand out? Here's a list of seven features:

Altimeter with classic needle representation, (like a steam gauge)

  • VSI with classic needle representation, (also like a steam gauge)

  • Digital values for both, in addition to the steam gauge look-a-likes

  • Settable Kollsman window, just like any altimeter

  • Adjustable calibration, as the sensor ages

  • Feet or Metric selection by user setup

  • Available for either 2 1/4 or 3 1/8 panels!

This was all achieved, with a price point of $129.95 (or less).

One behind-the-scenes test I had done on my nifty product was a trip in a calibrated altitude chamber. From 500 to 16,000 feet, the maximum error was 70 feet. Through recalibration (which was not done) the max error could have been +/- 35 feet across 16,000 feet. That's accurate (in fact, if I'm not mistaken, would meet the TSO for altimeters!

I cleaned up the numeric font representations (compared to prior Radiant Instrument products) and also came up with a nifty adapter ring for 3 1/8 panel cutouts.

This product is in stock at Aircraft Spruce, as of this writing.

Here's the purchase link:

We also have it for sale on our own website:

I appreciate your comments!

-- James

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Are you also working on ardinio two way radio? Any future plans. Maybe bofang like software controlled airbands.

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