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Arduino Project on Aviation Radio Shield Progress: We need your feedback.

Updated: May 9

I've made great progress on the Arduino project on Aviation Radio Shield. It monitors eight aviation channels, providing fantastic sensitivity with digitally controlled squelch (no user adjustment necessary).

Check out the video below and give us some feedback here.

We are preparing to launch this shield as a Kickstarter project. I will include a software kernel that allows tuning and playing with digital squelch. Give us feedback here, and we'll get you on the Earlybird Kickstarter list, and also send you a brief white paper that describes the design and architecture of this new aviation radio design.

I've had a load of fun monitoring lots of aircraft traffic around my home office in Wichita, KS. I find it really useful to hear both sides of a handoff without having to re-tune frequencies.

The video shows the actual module, along with an Arduino Nano Every (a Nano will work), a battery (5 to 9 volts works), a USB speaker du jour, and an inexpensive LCD screen.

If you are wondering who I am, well, I have 45 years of engineering experience and love aviation. (Check out My company, Radiant Instruments, provides products for experimental and ultralight aircraft, along with Carbon Monoxide detectors. Radiant has sold a lot of radios, but I wanted a better design, so I decided to engineer it myself. :-)

This new radio technology will find its way into the heart of the Radiant product line later this year (think Airventure). Before then, I want others to be able to play with easy-to-use hardware, designed to work with Arduino, with simple coding and concepts.

Click on the button below, and we'll get you on the Kickstarter Earlybird list and send you the white paper.

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